Bad Side Of Cosmetic Surgery

There Is A Bad Side To Cosmetic Surgery

More often than not, plastic surgery is up-lifting and life changing. Plastic surgery provides a means for physical transformation by which someone born with a cleft palate or a severe deformity can change their life. They will always be grateful to their cosmetic surgeon and supportive of cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is occasionally used for medical issues such as breast reduction. However, it is mostly used by people to cosmetically change facial and/or bodily features that someone simply doesn’t like themselves. Plastic surgery has some very gratifying upsides, but it also has some downsides. Unfortunately a lot people tend to mentally bury the bad side of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Can Be Fatal

The bad side of cosmetic surgery is the most frightening when it kills. The overall percentile of plastic surgery fatalities may be low, but that does not preclude the fact that people die every year from routine plastic surgery. One such instance was the recent death of a celebrity’s mother undergoing a routine tummy tuck. For many, the slightest risk of death outweighs the benefits of good plastic surgery. There are also many people who disregard the bad side of cosmetic surgery and have procedures done anyway. People who are obsessed about their “bad” appearance are in denial about the potentially lethal side of bad cosmetic surgery.

Bad Results

The bad side of cosmetic surgery can have really unpleasant and ghastly results from plastic surgery. When someone goes in for a nose job, they expect a certain outcome – a new nose they will like. But, there is a good chance that what you expect is far from what you get. When a doctor tells you that your nose will come out looking great he is speculating to a degree. There is no guarantee as to the outcome of your surgery. A surgeon will only know what the outcome will probably be when his/her patient is on the operating table and exposed to the expertise and precision of the surgeon. This falls under the bad side of cosmetic surgery because unanticipated outcomes can be devastating to a patient. Another potentially big disappointment can occur with breast enhancement. You could end up with uneven breasts or larger ones than you wanted. There is guarantee one way or the other. Once the procedure is done you have to live with it. It does not have a return policy. Cosmetic surgery is anything but free. Make sure you get value for your money. The potential risks inherent in cosmetic surgery can be way too detrimental both physically and psychologically. Sometimes the bad side of cosmetic surgery is not worth the risk involved.