Cosmetic Dental Surgery Cost

Cosmetic Dental Surgery Costs

We are faced with our self-image, perfect smiles, and the world of media advertising everyday, and can become very self-conscious of the appearance of our teeth. Imperfections and discoloration can affect the way in which we smile, greet people and see ourselves. Smiling is something we all do, but we might avoid it when our teeth are chipped, crooked, or perhaps have obvious gaps between them. When we are so conscious about the appearance of our teeth, we tend to cover our mouths to varying degrees when we speak, smile, or laugh. Being so self-conscious about our teeth can take the fun out of just being ourselves every day. Fortunately, with the advances in dental technology dentists can correct most imperfections we have. However, dental work is expensive. Cosmetic dental surgery costs can be somewhat reasonable to quite expensive depending on the type of work we want done and the technology used.

Cosmetic Procedures

The variation in cosmetic dental surgery costs are contingent on the procedures we want or those that might be required. They can also vary depending on the dentist. An example would be having a full set of Invisalign orthodontic aligners mad: they usually run about six thousand dollars. Since porcelain veneers and crowns involve work on more than one tooth, they are also costly, and run from approximately one thousand dollars and up. Tooth bonding is somewhat less expensive running between five hundred to one thousand dollars per tooth.

Most cosmetic laser surgery will incur more costs than general surgical procedures. That doesn’t hold true with dental work. Cosmetic dental surgery costs for laser whitening can be quite reasonable. Most dentists will charge under two thousand dollars to whiten and brighten your smile. Laser contouring is another procedure that is usually quite reasonable. Most dentists charge about two hundred dollars a tooth.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Like most health insurance coverage, cosmetic dental surgery costs are not covered. Cosmetic dental surgery is considered elective work for personal, aesthetic, purposes. Nonetheless, insurance companies may consider partial payment if the dental surgery required is due to an accident or injury to the teeth. Surgery on a chipped tooth with a porcelain crown is one of the cosmetic dental surgery costs for which they might allow some coverage. Certain types of orthodontic work might be partially covered by insurance companies.


Since many people cannot afford cosmetic dental surgery costs, they don’t attempt to have their “cosmetic” dental problems seen to. People who fall into that category usually do so because they are unaware of and/or don’t bother to research alternative means for having their “cosmetic” dental work done. People will find that a lot of dentists are amenable to working with financing companies. Financing cosmetic dental surgery costs enables people to have procedures done, and to work out a feasible monthly payment plan. Such plans can span the course of several months to a few years.

If your smile embarrasses you and you are overly concerned about the costs involved, do yourself a favor and research available financing options. Covering cosmetic dental surgery costs is available to you with financing. Speak with a dentist who does the kind of cosmetic work you want, and who will work with you through a financing company. Have the glowing smile you’ve always wanted.