Cosmetic Dental Surgery For Men

Cosmetic Dental Surgery For Men

Cosmetic dental surgery for men offers a variety of procedures each of which has specific facets. Though not all procedures are necessary, cosmetic dental surgery for men can definitely improve a man’s smile and his initial impression. Judging whether or not cosmetic dental surgery for men is obviously personal, but we are going to let you know about a couple of options that might be of interest to a man. Whether you get your cosmetic dental surgery and/or treatments at home or or somewhere else, the following basic procedures should be available anywhere.

Cosmetic Dental Surgery For Men: Two Straightforward Procedures

Number One: Having dentures made is the most frequently used cosmetic dental surgery for men. Dentures provide men with a removable facsimile of teeth that are no longer naturally there. Dentures are characteristically made from acrylic resin. On occasion they have porcelain and metal in their make-up for stronger support. Dentures can be partial replacements or complete replacements. Partial or complete dentures are customized for each individual. They have to be maintained with care so that they retain their natural appearance. Dentures are definitely appealing facially, but they serve several other purposes as well. Dentures make it easier to chew food; they help in easing speech problems; and, they are a relief to the initial cause of pain that warranted the need for them. The extraction of teeth, and subsequent replacement with dentures, is a relatively invasive cosmetic surgery for men. However, the immediate and lasting benefits negate any initial discomfort and/or uncertainty.

Number Two: Tooth contouring and reshaping is most probably the second most widely used procedure in cosmetic dental surgery for men. Literally reshaping the teeth is what this particular dental procedure does. It is most effective and most often done for crooked, chipped, cracked, and/or damaged teeth. It is also done for teeth that overlap or appear somewhat misshapen. Men will usually have this procedure when they want minor dental changes, rather than major ones. X-rays are the first step in the procedure. Once that is done, the dentist performing the cosmetic work pencil-marks your teeth to indicate just where the procedural work will be done. Following those steps, the cosmetic dentist will sculpt the tooth, and/or teeth, to eliminate any imperfections. They usually use a sanding drill or laser to gradually remove the necessary surface enamel. This procedure takes numerous visits, but on the bright side it rarely requires anesthesia.

These are just two of the most popular cosmetic dental surgery techniques for men. Whether you choose to have one or both of them done is, of course, your decision. We hope that this information enlightens you as to what you can expect should you choose of have either of these procedures.