First Dental Cosmetic Surgery

First Dental Cosmetic Surgery Nerves

edical procedures usually make people nervous, and it’s the same for your first dental cosmetic surgery. Being administered anesthesia for an operation is always rather frightening. Fear is inherent because you don’t know what might happen. One of our first fears is: are we going to wake up from our surgery. We also tend to wonder whether or not we will like the results of the surgery. To ease your mind, you should always discuss your fears and reservations about your first dental cosmetic surgery with you surgeon. Ask, and tell, your surgeon everything on your mind. You are the one having the surgery; You have a right to know. In addition to you being the patient, you are also paying for the procedure. Any anxiety you might have needs to be calmed and satisfied both pre and post surgery. Talking with your surgeon about what is bothering should make you feel better and ease you into going through with a very successful first dental cosmetic surgery.

Normal Fears

Possible Reasons For Your Fears

One reason may be stories you’ve heard from people who just went to the cheapest cosmetic surgeon they could find. Makes you wonder where these so-called surgeons were from: some third world country perhaps. Many people do travel out of the U.S. to have their cosmetic surgeries performed for less, but you should not give thought to this. As we mentioned before, sit down with your cosmetic surgeon and discuss any and all aspects of your first cosmetic dental surgery with him/her. Ask your surgeon for some referrals, and tell him/her that you would like to see some before and after photographs of his/her surgeries. Bring your deepest fears into your discussion. Having anesthesia is risky, so ask about it. Ask about all your concerns regarding your procedure to avoid any surprises; and, let your surgeon know you are scared. You are not the first person to have fears about your first dental cosmetic surgery, and you won’t be the last. Surgeons encourage their patients to share their fears with them. They go through it with most of their patients. They are experienced in dealing with this, and pleased to ease your mind.


Most plastic surgeons, whatever their field of specialty is, take photographs before they perform surgery. With these photographs, they customize what your results will be and share them with you. With today’s advancing technology, many surgeons use digital photographs. This way they can show their patients pictures of how they will look just after surgery as well as post recovery. They may also show new patients digital before and after photographs of patients who have completed comparable procedures. Whether digital or traditional photography is used, make sure you understand and are satisfied with the procedure in regards to what is going to be done and how it is going to be done. A photograph can give you a glimpse of how you will look post-surgery, and that is great. However, it is your surgeon who will alleviate any lingering fears by discussing your first dental cosmetic surgery with him/her.

The NOT KNOWING associated with your first dental cosmetic surgery can be frightening. Many people have had similar feelings, but once the surgery is over they are vey pleased with the decision they made. The nervousness that people feel about their first surgery is natural. However, after discussing all the aspects of your pre and post surgical procedure including your fears you will reach a comfort level and look forward to this life changing occurrence with positive anticipation.